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(Information) Announcement of Acceptance ACSEAST 2016 (第十八屆台灣的東南亞區域研究年度研討會論文錄取通知)

第十八屆台灣的東南亞區域研究年度研討會議論文審查結果已經揭曉,所有錄取名單請參考附件 。本次公告之審查結果依「圓桌論壇」、「主題場次」、以及「個別論文」進行分類,並依姓名筆畫順序排列。主辦單位將視會議議程情況調整場次主題與所含論文篇數。我們將於6月13日當週透過電子郵件方式逐一發送接受函與與會確認回函,並於近日公告年會正式議程,敬請參考國立政治大學東南亞研究中心網頁、臉書粉絲專頁、以及年會專屬網頁。

The organizer of ACSEAST 2016 is pleased to announce the final list of accepted abstracts, roundtables, and panel proposals. The organizer will sort the individual paper into panels by theme shortly. In order to ensure even distribution of papers and thematic coherency of panels, we reserve the right to individual paper into another panel at any time. A notification of acceptance will be sent by e-mail by next week. Please visit CSEAS website, ACSEAST 2016 website, and CSEAS Facebook page, for latest updates.


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