Center for Southeast Asian Studies, National Chengchi University國立政治大學東南亞研究中心

People List

  • Alan Hao Yang (楊昊)

    Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of East Asian Studies / Associate Research Fellow and Head, Asia-Pacific Division, Institute of International Relations / Executive Director, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, National Chengchi University (TAIWAN)

    Area Studies (Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific); Regionalism, Border Politics, Soft Power Politics (with special focus on China's Confucius Institutes in Southeast Asia)

  • Chienwu Alex Hsueh

    Graduate Institute of East Asian Studies

  • Ian Tsung-yen Chen

    National Sun Yat-sen University

  • Lu-Chung Dennis Weng

    State University of New York at Cortland

    Comparative Politics, East and Southeast Asian Politics, Political Behavior, Political Participation, Empirical Research

  • Salinee Antarasena, Ph.D.

    Chiang Mai University

    Asian Thoughts and Identity; Asian Literatures and Films; Child Language; Cognitive Development; Symbolic Development; Word learning; Australian and Asian Children's Picture Books; Literacy and Writing Skills Development; Aging and Language Learning Abilities of the Elderly


    Graduate Institute of East Asian Studies, NCCU

  • 蘇義淵

    National Chung Hsin University

  • 陳琮淵(CHEN, Tsung-Yuan)

    Huaqiao University, China

    East and Southeast Asian Development Borneo Chinese societies Chinese Ethnic Business Economic Sociology Business History

  • Chun-Ying WANG 汪純瑩

    MEPO Humanity Technology, Inc. / National Chengchi University / Kyoto University

    Kant, Nāgārjuna & Dignāga Analytic Asian Philosophy Logic Buddhist Epistemology Computer Science

  • CSEAS Admin (中心網站管理員)

    Center for Southeast Asian Studies, NCCU

  • 呂佳蓉


  • Judy S.H Wu (吳書嫺)

    M.A. student National Chi Nan University, Graduate Institute of Southeast Asian Studies.